How will you lead your life?

Milligan's goal is to educate students to be thinking and acting Christians. You'll be challenged to think for yourself, to analyze the nature and meaning of the world. You'll be taught by professors who are among the best in their fields, and more importantly, they're Christian scholars who want to see you make a real difference.

Explore your passion, refine your talents, and affirm your faith at Milligan. Through quality academics and a focused Christian commitment, discover the world that surrounds you and embark on a journey towards promise and progress. Make a difference.

About Milligan

Milligan is a nationally recognized Christian liberal arts college. Located in Northeast Tennessee, Milligan offers undergraduate, master's, and degree completion programs. With 1,200 students from 35 states and 15 countries, Milligan celebrates the individual in the context of community.

Photo Tour of Campus

Explore Milligan's beautiful campus through our online photo tour. See some of our students and faculty interacting and learn about the history and heritage of some of our buildings.